General Glossary


A user-interface which integrates key business information, such as KPI's, in a graphical and easily accessible manner. Several dashboards are delivered with a number of worklets pre-configured that are specific to a functional area. Since these worklets are built with the report writer and report-specific calculated fields, users can copy and modify them if they have unique requirements. Users can add additional custom worklets to these dashboards using the report writer.

Data Cleaning

The process of preparing data so that it is accurate and standardized in a uniform, useful format.

Data Source

A data source defines a particular set of business object instances for reporting purposes. A data source is similar to a database view, except it is more flexible in two key areas. First, a database view always returns a flattened out tabular data structure, whereas a data source can return hierarchical data structures. Second, a database view requires that technical staff manually join related tables together, while a data source automatically allows reportable access to all business objects related to those in the data source.

Debit Memo

In Workday, a debit memo is a customer invoice adjustment that increases the amount due. A debit memo for suppliers is a supplier invoice adjustment that increases the amount owed.

Deferred Holiday

An alternate date for an employee to receive Holiday Pay due to being required to work on the observed holiday.

Delegation / Delegate

Delegation is the act of giving designated workers the ability to perform tasks and business processes in Workday on another worker’s behalf. Delegation is not the abdication of responsibility for the user that is originally tasked with reviewing or approving a transaction.


Designated participants in business processes, with a defined responsibility in this type of event, indicate that they deny the proposed action, the business process is not authorized to proceed to the next step. In some cases the entire business process may be terminated and all Workday data is restored to its state before the business process started.

Depreciation Profile

Determines how a resource will be depreciated, and specifies the depreciation method and depreciation start date. Each resource category is assigned one depreciation profile, and each resource depreciation profile is defaulted by its resource category.


Custom Driver Worktag that represents a specific set of funding sources that may not fit into one of the other Driver Worktags. It drives a distinct combination of Related Worktags.


Some aspect of, or perspective on, data that users want to use as the basis for analysis. For example, for financial accounting, users can analyze revenue by customer, by channel, or by marketing campaign. For expenses, users can analyze costs by cost center or by project for all of these are dimensions. Dimensions are usually created with worktags.

Driver Worktag

Connects a transaction to a Designated, Grant, GTRI Charge Code, Project, Custodial Entity, or Gift. A user may only select one Driver Worktag which will generate all necessary Related Worktags to reduce the number of fields a user must fill for a transaction.