Legacy Terminology New Terminology
Account Ledger Account
Accounts Payable Supplier Accounts
Accounts Receivable Customer Account
Asset Management Business Assets
Budget Maintenance and Development Budgets
Budget Planning and Forecasting Planning
Capital Planning and Project Management Projects
Chart of Accounts (COA) Foundation Data Model (FDM)
Class Field Class
Contract Management (Customers) Customer Accounts
Contract Management (Suppliers) Procurement
Contracts Supplier Contracts
Encumbrance Obligations
Expense Account Spend Category
Finance Approver Cost Center Manager
FootPrints ServiceNow
Fund (COA) Fund (FDM), Gift (FDM), Program (FDM)
General Ledger & Accounting Financial Accounting
Grants Management  Grants Management
Pcard Finance Approver PCard Cost Center Manager
Pre-encumbrance Commitments
Procurement (eProcurement / BuzzMart) Procurement
Procurement Card Management Procurement
Program Code Function
Project ID Driver Worktag (Grant, Gift, Designated, Project, Custodial Entity, GTRI Charge Code)
Requester RQ Reviewer
Revenue Account Revenue Category
Shopper Employee as Self / Initiator
Travel & Expense Statement (TES) Expense Report
Travel & Expenses (T&E) Expenses
Travel Authorization Request (TAR) Spend Authorization
Treasury Services Banking & Settlement
Vendor Supplier
Vendor Management Supplier Accounts