Procure using one system from req to check

Workday enables Georgia Tech to manage the procurement of goods and services from end-to-end. Workday Procurement enables you to bring suppliers, catalogs, and analytics into one system, streamlining the entire procurement process. Starting with a requisition, supplier catalogs can be accessed via Workday, and there are separate lines for goods and services…meaning no more requisition flipping.

Workday will also be used to manage PCard approvals. Verify and approve transactions all from a single system.​

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Terminology Changes

PeopleSoft Term Workday Term
Vendor Supplier
Contracts Supplier Contracts
Accounts Payable Supplier Accounts
Shopper Employee as Self/Initiator
Requester RQ Reviewer
Finance Approver Cost Center Manager
Delegate (Concur) Validate transaction on behalf of a worker
Spend Approver Gift Manager
Grant Manager
Project Manager
Designated Manager
Custodial Entity Manager
GTRI Manager

Manage Requisitions in Workday

Any employee can initiate a requisition and enter the accounting info within Workday. Once a requisition is started, the process will be reviewed by the RQ reviewer, Cost Center Manager, and the Driver Worktag Manager. A Business Asset Accountant or EHS manager can be involved as well when necessary.

Templates can be created to save the accounting detail for frequently ordered goods and services and the purchase amount can be split among multiple units by the quantity or amount.

commitment accounting

Transact using PCard

PCard transactions in Workday will be approved by the transaction, and not by the statement. Once a transaction is conducted, it is stored in a general ledger account where it will sit until the transaction is verified. Once verified, the transaction will hit your account.

To verify the transaction, a receipt and business purpose is required. A PCard transaction will first be approved by the Employee as Self (cardholder), then go on to the Cost Center Manager and the Driver Worktag Manager. An approved delegate can also prepare the transaction approval on behalf of the cardholder, but the cardholder will need to make the final approval.

DocuSign will still be used for requisition approvals.

commitment accounting