OneUSG Connect Training

Course Catalog

The Course Catalog provides a full list of our courses, overviews, links to assessments, and previously recorded sessions. 

Training Schedule

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Enrollment Guide

This guide is designed to walk new hires (and those in new positions) through the OneUSG Connect Training Enrollment process. 

Web-Based Training

Employees can self-enroll in any required or optional web-based training via D2L. 

Hiring Students in OneUSG Connect

Learn more about the hiring graduate and undergraduate students in OneUSG Connect.

Access Recorded Webinars

View previously recorded OneUSG Connect webinars at any time.

Access ServiceNow

Use ServiceNow to find Job Aids, Known Issues, submit a ticket and more.

Additional Resources

Visit our OneUSG Connect Resources page for Internal Resources, one-pagers, videos, and more.