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  • Ad hoc Update - September 18, 2020
    • Commitment Accounting:
      • BOR GL Accounting Adjustments (Nav > BOR Customizations > BOR GL > Enter Accounting Adjustment or BOR Customizations > BOR GL > Accounting Adjustment Upload)
        • Issue 1: GL Expense code being validated based on SYSTEM DATE. Solution: Correct code validation for GL Expense account code to validate on Accounting Date rather than on SYSDATE.
        • Issue 2: Attachments with same name could be overwritten, even at different BU. Solution: Add SYSDATE/time stamp to Acct Adj attachment file names to ensure unique file name for saved attachments
      • GT (030) Only: Employee/Project Cost Reports (Nav > BOR Customization > BOR Commitment Accounting > Monthly project detail / Employee cost detail)
        • Issue 1: Employees with more than 1 employee record not returning results on reports Root Cause: Report coded for Primary employee record. Solution: Primary employee record logic removed and using paycheck data from Per-Serv-BOR (PSB) information to verify position, job code, Acct_Cd and expense account.
        • Issue 2: GTRI and Academic Pay Acct_Cd not returning results on reports. Root Cause: GT criteria to omit transactions that sum to zero. Solution: Code modified to return expense amounts based on Acct_Cd rather than sum of overall transaction. For example, Academic Pay transactions sum to zero on PSB between Liability and expense. Code corrections will return all expense codes based on report parameters.
      • Issue: Chg Position emails return blank data information when position/title are out of sync. Solution: Correct bind code for position/title data for email logic.
      • Issue: The report did not print Section 8 when there were no results.  Solution: Code added to section 8 to ensure it will print, even when there are no results.
      • Issue: Encumbrance calc takes over 27 hours to complete for all institutions  Solution: The code was rewritten to improve performance. Additionally, this rewrite includes the below changes: Fringe Calc has been replaced. Now Fringe Calc uses enrollment information and configured fringe rates/amounts to estimate future pay periods. Academic Year Pay support was added for employees with Contract entries. Pay Period proration was adjusted in the interest of improving performance. Encumbrances will use the Job, Position, and Funding information in effect as of the pay period begin date to estimate the entire pay period. Mid-period changes will be reflected in the next pay period. Per User Acceptance Testing, this release also includes fixes to user reported issues with H Paygroup June 30th estimates to match the Payroll Accrual process more closely – health is not estimated, but retirement is. Additionally, TRS and retirement caps have been implemented. The encumbrance process will drop TRS/Retirement as of the pay period following the period in which the cap is met or exceeded. Caps are assessed on a calendar year basis and reset in January.
        • This release resolves:
          • KI9.2-016-CA (OneUSG)
          • KI9.2-127-CA (GeorgiaFIRST) - Fringe calc process is entirely replaced
          • KI9.2-018-CA – Changes only calc is replaced with Delta calc process
          • KI9.2-018-CA – Account mapping is rewritten, solving the issue with OVL mapping
    • Manage Faculty Events:
      • IssueFaculty contract delivery gives an error when the faculty member types her name as it is displayed on the page. Solution: The code needs to look for records with a status of Generated – this is the only status that allows the faculty member to sign the contract. 
      • Issue: Faculty contract delivery is pulling in the wrong job department for some faculty . Solution: Modify the code to get greatest effective dated record that is within the contract start date and contract end date

For additional information please visit USG's OneUSG Connect Release Site.

  • Ad hoc Update - September 8, 2020 
    • Benefits:
      • Update pre-converted emplids to current OneUSG format. Alight has been sending survivors in ben recon files with pre-converted emplids. Navigation: PERS_SERV_BOR-Ben Recon
  • Ad hoc Update - August 25, 2020 
    • Manager Self-Service: 
      • Delegation is inactive after proxy accepts it and the system is showing an error when a delegate attempts to accept the proxy. Modified PeopleCode to select the OPRID of the proxy id with that same company of the DELEGATOR ID.
    • Commitment Accounting:
      • Updated Flat Rate Fringe and GT Encumbrance processes for Academic Year Pay accruals. Additionally, resolved an error in 03G tuition remission proration and Flat Rate Fringe process errors related to employees with multiple FICA statuses across job records.
      • BORDBEUPD process will now insert new rows into the Dept Budget Table for approved transactions for new Dept/Position combinations. This updated resolved KI19.2-021- CA: Change Position Funding Update (BORDBEUPD) Showing Error Message.
      • Resolution to several issues regard Georgia Tech Cost Detail Reports: 1. 1BW pay period for FY results appear on report. 2. Acct Adj reporting correctly based on pay period end date and job code/acct combination. 3. Encumbrances properly reported based on terminations status.

For additional information please visit USG's OneUSG Connect Release Site.

  • Ad hoc Update - July 29, 2020 
    • Commitment Accounting
      • Invalid Funding Report:
        • Issue - Not identifying Dept Budget Table Inactive row as invalid funding (funding did go to suspense but never identified on report.
        • Corrected to properly identify Inactive DBT rows.
      • Express Direct Retro:
        • Remove Large Comments box from requestor view and allow comments to be added to cost transfer justification box.
        • Return button sent user to SAVE loop.  Corrected so RETURN button returns user to search page.
      • Money Movement/Purchase Power:
        • Correct Account mapping for the money movement journal entry process and will now properly create the entries for accounts 233600 and 233650.
    • Careers (Recruiting and Hiring)
      • Pre-Employment Check integration with Accurate has been modified to prompt an error message if there is no email address listed for the primary recruiter. Accurate requires an email address to perform the preemployment check.
    • Manager Self-Service (MSS)
      • Modified BOR_WF_CUR_TL_V so the approver as of date (current approver) will show up in the current approver section as opposed to the future dated approver (top of stack).
      • APPR_STATUS was added to the search record SQL view so approvers would be able to view details of direct hire form transactions they approved or denied.
      • Modified PeopleCode to check the employee status for the reports to position number so when an initiator reviews the already submitted DHF, the reports to has not changed
    • Manager Self-Service (MSS) Query
      • Modified BOR_CWR_SRCH_VW SQL as requested.
    • Manager Self-Service (MSS) Process
      • Academic Year Pay conversion program 

For additional information please visit USG's OneUSG Connect Release Site.

  • Release 6.12 - July 17 - July 20, 2020 
    • OneUSG Connect will be down from 6:00 p.m on Friday, July 17 to 7:00 a.m. on Monday, July 20, 2020 for Release 6.12. 
    • Release 6.12 will include fixes and enhancements that include but are not limited to: support for Managing Faculty Events, Time and Absence, BOR Queries, Academic Pay, Express Direct Retros, Benefit Administration, and various Manager Self-Service (MSS) transactions. Of particular note:
      • All MSS notification emails have been updated to include:
        • EMPLID
        • EMPL RCD
        • Employee Name
        • Department
        • Initiator name
        • Approver name
      • HR practitioners with the required security access will be able to view and export an org chart.
  • Release 6.11 - July 9, 2020 
    • OneUSG Connect Release 6.11 was successfully applied to production (HPROD) and is now available. Please Note: With the new page functionality, the effective date is now on the second screen and must be entered prior to assigning the new combo code(s). The FY21 budgets have been loaded.
    • Change Position Funding Enhancements:
      • The effective date is no longer required on the search page.
      • On the transaction page users will select the effective date which will:
        • Allow multiple effective dates to be submitted in one transaction
        • Display the paygroup (from Job Data) on the change position funding page
        • Display the annual salary on the change position funding page
        • Display additional pay (if applicable)

Time and Labor/Absence Management Updates

  • When TechWorks is down, employees can still access their Web Clock via Select “OneUSG Connect” under Active USG Employee.

  • When OneUSG Connect is down,  Web Clock users must track hours worked during the downtime using this document. Once the employee fills out this form, they must submit it to their manager or supervisor. Managers will then need to enter those hours directly onto the timesheet on OneUSG Connect once the system is back up.

  • Kaba Clock users must have an up-to-date Buzzcard (blue stripe at the top) in order to report their time. 
    • Cardholders (faculty/staff/students) who need to get a new card can call 404-894-2899 or email, Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM, to setup an appointment. There is no charge unless the card has been lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Employees can only be paid if the time is appropriately reported via the time reporting process applicable to the employee (e.g., Online Timesheet, Kaba Clock, Web Clock). Failure to meet standard OneUSG Connect payroll processing deadlines will result in a delay in payment to employees. ​

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For Managers and Provisioned Initiators

  • OneUSG Connect Queries  08/07/2020 - There are a number of new queries you can access in OneUSG Connect. You can access them through the Navigator Bar > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer. Note: you must have the Query Viewer security role to access the queries below.

    • General

      • 030_HR_ACTIVE_JOBCODE – List of all active job codes for faculty, students, staff, and affiliates. The query provides the grades, compensation frequency, FLSA status, and grade ranges where applicable. 

      • 030_HR_POSN_GT – Ability to look up active position numbers based on user’s row level security and by specific department. The results include position attributes for the position, but does not including funding information. 

    • Direct Hire

      • 030_WF_DIR_HIRE_TRANS_TIME – Using a date range, results include all approved Direct Hire transactions with total approval time

      • 030_WF_DIR_HIRE_STEP_TIME – Using a date range, results include pending, denied, and approved Direct Hire transactions including the total time at each approval level. 

    • MSS Transactions

      • 030_WF_MSS_TRANSACTION_TIME – Using a data range, results include all approved MSS transaction with total approval time. Can narrow results by department and employee ID. 

      • 030_WF_MSS_TRANS_STEP_TIME – Using a date range, results include pending, denied, and approved MSS Transactions including the total time at each approval level.  Can narrow results by department, transaction status, and employee ID. 

    • Positions Transactions

      • 030_WF_ADD_CHG_POS_TRANS_TIME - Using a data range, results include all approved Add/Change Position transactions with total approval time. Can narrow results by department and position number. 

      • 030_WF_ADD_CHG_POS_STEP_TIME – Using a date range, results include pending, denied, and approved Add/Change Position transactions including total time at each approval level. Can narrow results by position number, transaction status, and department.

    • Affiliate Transactions

      • 030_WF_GT_AFFILIATE_TRANS_TIME - Using a date range, results include all approved Affiliate Form transactions with total approval time.

  • Central Office Ad hoc Approver Lookup - We are excited to share that the Central Office Ad hoc Approver Lookup tool is now available on the OneUSG Connect Resources page! This tool is designed to allow users to input information regarding a transaction (i.e., transaction type, employee type, and other conditions) and will yield the ad hoc approver(s) within central offices at Georgia Tech that may be required to be inserted into the approval workflow based on Georgia Tech policy and procedure. In addition, the file includes a tab with detailed instructions and important notes that will assist you in using the tool. Local ad hoc approvers and reviewers may also be required for certain transactions but are not included in this tool and are subject to local processes and procedures. 

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