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Campus Training for Workday

Training will cover each Workday process area and will be delivered in the form of instructor-led trainings (ILT), web-based trainings (WBT), seminars, and on-demand materials such as job aids.

Workday - Campus Training for Workday



Web-based trainings and seminars covering Workday basics, approvals, and reporting

Job aids on general Workday set up and functionality

Expenses - Campus Training for Workday



Web-based trainings and seminars covering how to complete spend authorizations and expense reports

Job aids on spend authorizations and expense reports

Procurement - Campus Training for Workday



Web-based trainings and seminars on Procurement and PCard processes in Workday

Job aids on procurement processes such as requisitions, purchase orders, and change orders

Financial Accounting - Campus Training for Workday

Financial Accounting


Classroom training on journal entries and financial accounting topics in Workday

Web-based training on Workday’s Foundation Data Model

Job aids on financial accounting activities such as accounting journals, allocations, and period closes


Grants Management - Campus Training for Workday

Grants Management


Web-based training and seminars on grants concepts and lifecycle in Workday

Job aids on grants processes such as award requests, corrections, budget amendments

Business Assets - Campus Training for Workday

Business Assets


Web-based training and seminars on registering and managing assets

Job aids on business asset processes such as registering an asset, issuing an asset to a worker, and requesting surplus pick-up

Projects - Campus Training for Workday



Classroom training on managing projects and supplier contracts in Workday

Job aids on projects processes such as updating and managing projects and verifying capital project expenses

Supplier Accounts - Campus Training for Workday

Supplier Accounts


Web-based training on supplier invoice requests

Job aids on processes such as prospective supplier registration, supplier invoices and requests, and match and match exceptions


Training Calendar

Registration is required for Seminars and Instructor-Led-Training due to a limited number of seating. If you are not sure which training you need for your role, take a look at the Recommended and Required Training By Role Matrix.

Meet the Training Team

Get all of the resources and information you need for a successful Workday Financials implementation.


Sophie Sullivan Proebsting
Learning & Development Lead, Organizational Readiness

Sophie is responsible for planning and implementing all financial user learning activities related to the Financials Transformation Program. Over the course of this program, she will be working on designing the training curriculum, supporting the growth of our Gurus (individuals across campus who are highly skilled in one or two processes), and supporting the development and deployment of training materials.

Sophie Sullivan Proebsting


Joseph C. Jenkins Jr
Learning Specialist, Organizational Readiness

Joseph is responsible for coordinating with different process teams specifically supplier accounts, customer accounts, procurement and grants to both create and maintain training materials. As a part of maintaining and updating materials, he will be evaluating the success of each, continuing to refine the content and assess end-users understanding during the course itself and after go-live. He will continue improvement of training materials while adding other projects to his docket.‚Äč

Picture of Trainer Joseph Jenkins


Cynthia Hutcherson
Learning Specialist, Organizational Readiness

Cynthia is responsible for coordinating with different process teams specifically expenses, business assets, and projects to both create and maintain training materials. As a part of maintaining and updating materials, she will be evaluating the success of each, continuing to refine the content and assess end-users understanding during the course and after go-live. She will continuously improve training materials while adding other projects to her docket.

Picture of Trainer Cynthia Hutcherson


The Training Model

Our learning approach for the Financials Transformation Program utilizes multiple learning styles. This model works to maximize the effectiveness of learning across campus by leveraging more than just traditional training activities. It encourages the financial user to be self-sufficient and learn to access the appropriate resources available to them.

Image demonstrating how training is made up of structured learning, social learning, and experiential learning


Workday Overview

Watch the videos below to learn more about Workday Financials functionality.

Training FAQ


Will there be mandatory training?

Yes. There will be mandatory training, but only for certain users. We will be able to share which courses are mandatory closer to go-live. For users who are not enrolled in mandatory training, there will be materials available to access on-demand.

What resources will be available to end users?

End users will have access to the following resources, depending on what functions they perform in their departments:           

  • Job aids and quick reference guides
  • Videos and interactive web-based trainings
  • Instructor-led, lecture-based seminars
  • Instructor-led, hands-on trainings

End users will also have Gurus across campus to help them answer questions or help troubleshoot in certain areas or processes. We will encourage users to reach out to these Gurus for one-on-one support in addition to accessing our on-demand learning and reference materials.

When will training materials be available?

You can expect training materials and courses to be available in Spring 2019.

Where can I find training materials?

We are still determining where training materials will be located for the long-term. In the meantime, be sure to check back on the Transformation website to access informational materials.

How do I get involved with the transformation?

The Change Agent Network is a group of end-users who want to help their department transition to the new system. The Organizational Readiness team is hoping to recruit about 100 change agents across campus. Change agents will be asked to dedicate roughly one to two hours a week on average to the program starting this fall. To sign up to be a change agent, email