What is changing?

Conducting financial transactions today requires the support of multiple systems such as TechWorks, BuzzMart, Salary Planning & Distribution (SPD), Concur, and WebNow. One of the goals of this transformation is to increase efficiency and streamline the number of systems needed for transacting.

The transition to Workday will impact several of the systems you used under PeopleSoft.


TechWorks is a platform that provides convenient and secure access to information that will help you complete personal and work-related business transactions at Georgia Tech. Today, all of your personal self-service applications and resources (pay, time, benefits, training etc.) are available on your home page.

TechWorks will continue to exist as it hosts more information and services beyond the financial administration processes in Workday. Now that Workday is live, users can access the application through a link in TechWorks.  Links to systems that are no longer in service have been removed from TechWorks.

Communications to Specific Audiences


Salary Planning and Distribution (SPD)

SPD is a separate system outside the PeopleSoft Financial System. SPD is a labor distribution system that combines information from GT’s Budget and HR Payroll systems to produce current fiscal year gross salary, flat rate fringe benefits, and tuition remission amounts that are allocated to sponsored and non-sponsored driver worktags, formerly known as PeopleSoft project IDs.

Since Georgia Tech is moving to Workday Financials and OneUSG Connect PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM), the way financial users interact with SPD will change.

Workday Financials Go Live July 2019

  • Existing SPD reports will be modified for worktags and descriptions.
  • Users will enter the driver worktag instead of the project ID. Any project IDs that are memorized today will no longer be relevant upon go live.
  • Users can use the FDM crosswalk tool to easily generate the new Workday worktag information associated with the PeopleSoft Project ID they know today.
  • The general user experience will be similar to today with the exception of using Workday worktags vs. PeopleSoft project IDs.


OneUSG Connect PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) Go Live January 2020

  • SPD will be decommissioned. The functionality of SPD will live within the PeopleSoft HCM Commitment Accounting module.
  • Training leading up to the HCM go-live will address this change.


Today, Concur at Georgia Tech is used for travel bookings as well as PCard reconciliation and approval.

Concur (Travel Inc.) will live on from a travel booking perspective. Once your travel is booked, the record can be populated into Workday for your expense report. PCard reconciliation and approvals will also transition to Workday.




ImageNow is currently used across multiple areas as a document retention tool and by Procurement & Business Services to facilitate management of AP invoice processing. While not a document retention tool, Workday Financials has the capability to upload attachments to select transactions, and options to facilitate management of Supplier Invoice processing.

ImageNow will continue to be used for routing some supplier invoices. Supplier invoices will still be received via apinvoices@gatech.edu and populated into ImageNow. Accounts Payable will review and remediate any outstanding issues with the invoice within ImageNow. Once complete, the integration with Workday will pull in the PO number and associated details to create an invoice within Workday and attach the ImageNow upload for processing and approvals. This integration saves time spent manually uploading invoices from ImageNow to the financial system.

Document management for all other processes (including journal entries, purchase orders, check requests, employee and non-employee expense reports) will no longer occur in ImageNow and will be facilitated within Workday.