ServiceNow and OneUSG Connect Support

ServiceNow can be used to review Knowledge Articles, Job Aids, and FAQs related to Human Resources.  If you need additional assistance you can also submit a ticket via ServiceNow.

To learn more about using ServiceNow for OneUSG Connect support, watch the video below. Note: you must be on VPN to view the video.

Visit ServiceNow

You can use ServiceNow to submit a ticket for OneUSG Connect support, follow Job Aids, and find answers to FAQs. For additional assistance please type 'ServiceNow help' in the search bar.


Visit ServiceNow

To Access Job Aids

Select the 'Services and Support' button below. Note: You must log in using your Georgia Tech account for access to Job Aids.

Once you are logged in, select the category or use the search bar to narrow the search for Job Aids.

Services and Support

How Do I View Submitted ServiceNow Tickets? 

You can track the status of your submitted ServiceNow ticket. Follow the Job Aid below to learn more.


View Job Aid