Summary Job Aids & Videos: Key Tasks in 7 Steps or Less

Review the high-level details and short video demos on how to complete some common tasks within Workday including creating spend authorizations, expense reports, and starting requisitions. Select a topic to expand the content and view the video demo.

The full job aids are also available to faculty and researchers via the ServiceNow Services Portal.

Approvals in Workday

All approvals (whether on a spend authorization, expense report, or PCard verification, etc.) are completed the same way.

An approval notification will come through via your email inbox through a daily digest style email from Workday, or real time as an inbox notification within Workday. To view and approve or deny a request, select the inbox icon at the top right corner in Workday. 
The Workday inbox will contain entries for each item that needs review or approval. The left pane shows a list of all actions needing review, and the details of the selected item will appear in the main window. Review the requests and the details included and either Approve or Send Back based on the situation and your decision.

Create Spend Authorization

A spend authorization must be completed BEFORE travel, formerly known as a Travel Authority Request (TAR).

  1. Select the Create Spend Authorization task from the Expenses Worklet or the search bar.
  2. Complete the Company, Start Date, End Date, Description, Business Purpose, and Reimbursement Payment Type in Spend Authorization Information.
  3. Select the Spend Authorization Lines section and select Add Row to add spend authorization line item details.
  4. Complete all the fields in the Item Details section of each line item.
  5. Select Add Row to add additional expense lines as needed.
  6. Add attachments that support the spend authorization by dragging and dropping them into the Attachments field, or by using Select Files to upload one or more attachments.
  7. Select Submit. Otherwise, select Save for Later to return to the draft to submit at a later date.

Watch Spend Authorization Demo (3 min)

Create Expense Report

An Expense Report should be completed post-travel, formerly known as a Travel Expense Statement (TES).

  1. Enter Create Expense Report into the search bar and select the task, or from the Expenses worklet, select Create Expense Report.  
  2. Enter the Creation Option, Memo, Business Purpose, and Driver Worktag in Expense Report Information and select OK. 
  3. Select the Expense Lines tab and select Add to create an Expense Line
  4. Complete and review any remaining fields for each Expense Line
  5. Attach receipts as required to each Expense Line by dragging and dropping them into the Attachments from File field, or by using Select Files. Receipts are required for expense items greater than $25 that are not mileage or per diems. 
  6. To create multiple expense items, select Add to add additional lines. 
  7. Select Submit. Otherwise, select Save for Later to return to the draft to submit at a later date.
Contact the travel team in Procurement and Business Services for instruction on how to proceed when a spend authorization is not completed in advance.

Mobile Expense Report

An Expense Report can also be completed on your mobile phone via the Workday App.

  1. Select the Expenses worklet. You can enter expenses individually using Enter Expense or all together in a report using Create Expense Report.
  2. To create a new expense report, enter a Memo, Business Purpose, and Driver Worktag, then select the blue check at the top right.
  3. Add your expenses with New Expense, or you can select existing expenses. You will have to add a Business Reason for each existing expense.
  4. On the Details screen, enter Expense Item, Quantity, Per Unit Amount, Memo, and Business Reason. Select the blue check at the top right to add to the report.
  5. Select Review and then Submit to submit for approval.

Watch Installing and Logging into Workday Mobile (iOS) Demo (1min)

Watch Installing and Logging into Workday Mobile (Android) Demo (1min)

Watch Attaching Receipts on Mobile Demo (1min)

Watch Bundling Expenses on Mobile Demo (3min)

Watch Creating Expense Report Mobile Demo (2min)

Create Requisition

Any Georgia Tech employee will have access to create requisitions in Workday, this includes accessing supplier catalogs (formerly in BuzzMart).

  1. Enter Create Requisition into the search bar and select the task.
  2. Enter the required information, select a Requisition Type, and choose an option from Select an Option to start the requisition event.
  • For Request Non-Catalog Items.
    • Enter the required information and select either Request Goods or Request Service.
    • Complete the fields based on the Non-Catalog Request Type selected and select Add to Cart, and then select OK.
  • For Connect to Supplier Website.
    • Select Connect to access supplier website, select the icon of the Supplier website to start shopping, and Add items to cart.
    • Select your Cart Icon, select Checkout, and then select Assign Cart to assign to a buyer.
    • Select Draft Carts in Cart Management to choose between existing draft carts, and then select Proceed to Checkout.
  • For Add from Templates and Requisitions.
    • Select Add from Template and Requisitions and select the appropriate Requisition Template.
    • Update appropriate fields on the Edit tab and select Checkout.
  • For Select from My Procurement Favorites.
    • Select Related Actions on a Requisition, select Favorites tab, select Add, and then select OK.
    • Choose Select from My Procurement Favorites on the Create Requisition page to copy the requisition.

3. Verify each item in the cart and select Checkout or select Continue Shopping to add additional items to the cart.

4. Complete all applicable fields in the Shipping Address, Information, Attachments, Line Defaults, and Review and Submit pages, and then select Save.

5. Select the Complete Questionnaire, complete all fields as they are required and relate to, select Submit, and then select Done.


Subaward Invoice Approvals

Subaward invoice routing and approvals happen within Workday.

  1. Open the Workday Inbox by navigating to the top right corner of the screen and selecting the inbox.
  2. Select the inbox item for the Invoice Request in the left column to open.
  3. Review the Invoice Request including the Invoice Description, Amount of the Invoice, and the Subaward that the Invoice is charged to.
  4. View any attachments and enter any necessary comments, select Approve if you approve, or Send Back if the initiator of the request needs to make any edits.

Watch Subaward Invoice Approval Demo (4min)


Set Up Delegation

A user can request a temporary delegation to allow another user to complete Workday Inbox tasks on their behalf- intended for out-of-office or sick leave cases.

  1. Enter My Delegations into the Workday search bar.
  2. Make the appropriate revisions to the Begin and End Date, enter your intended Delegate, select "Use Default Alternate".
  3. Choose which tasks you want the person to be able to start with Start On My Behalf.
  4. Choose which Inbox Tasks you want the person to be able to manage with Do Inbox Tasks on My Behalf.
  5. Select Retain Access to Delegated Tasks in Inbox if you want visibility to your inbox during the delegation period.
  6. Once submitted, your manager will need to approve the delegation request.


Watch Delegations Demo  (4min)

Workday Financials Faculty Memos

These one page memos outline impacts to faculty and their staff. The topics will include an overview of Workday, details on the mobile app, impacts to expenses and managing grants, overview on delegation, and updates to procurement.

Improvements to Financial Processes at Georgia Tech

The Financials Transformation to Workday modernizes Georgia Tech’s administrative services to support its excellence in teaching, research, and practice. Workday Financials will deliver real-time reporting, standardize business processes, and reduce redundant systems at Georgia Tech.

Whether you prefer to work more hands on in the financial system or work with a Faculty Support Coordinator, Workday comes with a few benefits that will resolve many pain points expressed by Georgia Tech faculty.

Learn How Workday Addresses Pain Points