OneUSG Connect System Updates


  • Release 6.12 - July 17 - July 20, 2020


    OneUSG Connect will be down from 6:00 p.m on Friday, July 17 to 7:00 a.m. on Monday, July 20, 2020 for Release 6.12. Release 6.12 will include fixes and enhancements that include but are not limited to: support for Managing Faulty Events, Time and Absence, BOR Queries, Academic Pay, Express Direct Retros, Benefit Administration, and various Manager Self-Service (MSS) transactions. Of particular note:

    • All MSS notification emails have been updated to include:

      • EMPLID

      • EMPL RCD

      • Employee Name

      • Department

      • Initiator name

      • Approver name

    • HR practitioners with the required security access will be able to view and export an org chart

  • Release 6.11 - July 9, 2020


    Due to the recent budget approval, the decision has been made to postpone the implementation of Release 6.11, which includes an update to the MSS Change Position Funding transaction. The new implementation date will be July 9, 2020, which will give all institutions the ability to load their budgets into OneUSG Connect before this new functionality is implemented. The OneUSG Connect system will not be down during this release.

    Change Position Funding Enhancements:

    • The effective date is no longer required on the search page.

    • On the transaction page users will select the effective date which will:

      • Allow multiple effective dates to be submitted in one transaction

      • Display the paygroup (from Job Data) on the change position funding page

      • Display the annual salary on the change position funding page

      • Display additional pay (if applicable)

  • Time and Labor/Absence Management - Ongoing

    • Kaba Clock users must have an up-to-date Buzzcard (blue stripe at the top) in order to report their time. 

      • Cardholders (faculty/staff/students) who need to get a new card can call 404-894-2899 or email, Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM, to setup an appointment. There is no charge unless the card has been lost, stolen, or damaged.

    • Employees can only be paid if the time is appropriately reported via the time reporting process applicable to the employee (e.g., Online Timesheet, Kaba Clock, Web Clock). Failure to meet standard OneUSG Connect payroll processing deadlines will result in a delay in payment to employees. ​

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