Reporting Overview

The Financials Transformation will improve the foundation of Financial Reporting. Workday provides real time reporting with the ability to drill from a summary report into a detailed transaction. In addition, data will be extracted from Workday into the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to provide the financials foundation for reports across systems at Georgia Tech. The reporting goals are:

  1. Provide clean, up-to-date data needed to perform job roles
  2. Standardize processes and reports leveraged campus wide
  3. Improve data security and audit capabilities
  4. Adapt to the growing needs of the business

For a list of custom reports available in Workday, please visit Workday Reports.

Re-thinking the Way Georgia Tech Does Reporting

Workday seamlessly moves from reports into transactions and possesses the ability to make adjustments. Due to this, reporting will largely be accomplished within Workday.

The system is a partner, not a hindrance

Anomalies are identified proactively & real-time instead of through secondary queries

View data aggregately or drill into details, all from the same system in real time

Security is top of mind with built-in auditing and better control over data

Reporting Ecosystem

The Reporting Ecosystem provides different mechanisms for a user to answer financial questions. Workday Reports will be the first stop for a majority of reporting needs, but as the needs change and get more complex, a user may use Workday Reports, LITE/EDW Reports, or Ad Hoc.

The EDW will be built out to include Financials data. This data warehouse will be the basis of reports that combine data from multiple sources or require more complex functionality.

LITE ( is a portal that already provides reporting on Student and HR data. LITE will be the mechanism Financial Reports that sit outside Workday will be deployed.

Workday Functionality

Workday provides an easy to use interface with the following functionality:

  • Auditable workflow, tracking
  • Inbox with status and prompting
  • Drilldown within the application to investigate detail behind transactions, reports, dashboards.
  • Ability to save often entered prompts as filters for screens and/or reports
  • Flexibility & Ease of Navigation