Academic Year Pay 

With OneUSG Connect, the way contract earnings are paid out will change beginning August 2020. Georgia Tech is moving from 9-Month pay to 10-Month pay to align with the University System of Georgia.

Currently, Georgia Tech prorates academic pay. Employees receive ½ month pay in August and May and full months' pay from September – April. Starting in August 2020, annual earnings will be divided equally each month from August – May. Below is an example of Georgia Tech current monthly calculations being compared to future OneUSG 1/10 calculations for Year 2020. 

Use this Pay Calculator to calculate your future pay with OneUSG Connect.



Summer Pay ​

The timing of summer salary charges and payments will not change from Georgia Tech's current procedures. Summer Pay will not change from the current process, and is expected to be aligned with when the work will be performed. For example, if a faculty member is to expend three months' summer effort, then one full month of summer salary will be charged during each of June and July, and half a month in each of May and August. 

Use this Pay Calculator to calculate your future pay with OneUSG Connect.


Sick Leave Accrual 

During system conversion, some inconsistencies were discovered between Georgia Tech practice and the USG policy in how sick leave is accrued for some faculty. Previously, faculty members earned eight hours of sick leave every month, including the summer months.

With OneUSG Connect, criteria for earning sick leave during the summer months will change to align with USG policy. If benefits-eligible faculty receive summer pay for teaching or research activities, they will continue to earn sick leave (at a rate proportional to eight hours per full month worked) during June and July. However, if a faculty member does not receive summer pay for teaching or research activities during the summer, they will no longer earn sick leave during June and July.

This change will not impact any accrued leave faculty may have earned in past years.